Lethal Bizzle Called Bieber “Justin Thiefer”



After all the troubles Justin Bieber went through, copyright infringement might be the next one. Apparently, the singer has taken Lethal Bizzle’s name on a social networking site. Shortly after, British rapper Lethal called Justin “Justin Thiefer”.

Bieber’s fans were confused to find out their idol changed his name on his official Instagram profile to Bizzle. We have no idea what the point of the change was, but it certainly has outraged rapper Lethal Bizzle. Maybe Bieber tried to acquire a new identity so he could hide from the police after all those charges last month.

The hip-hop star wrote a message to Bieber stating, “Oi Justin Bieber I hear your catting my name? Leave it yeah.” He’s also captioned a photo of a news article about Bieber’s name change with, “Leeeeeeeeave it, yeah!”

Lethal Bizzle told The Sun, “Myself and the Dench Gang fans ain’t happy about it. Nothing cool about the cheesiest boy in pop using your name to be ‘cool’. He needs to Leave it yeah! Justin Thiefer.”

C’mon Lethal, we’re not supporting Bieber’s jokes, but your name is not that cool, sorry.

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