Let The Right One In Re-Opens Apollo Theatre



Three months after the Apollo Theatre ceiling collapsed, the venue is ready to reopen in March. The first play scheduled in the London theater is Let the Right One In.

In December last year, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time performance ended up being nearly fatal for 80 members of the audience when the theater’s baroque ceiling caved in. The theater has been closed ever since, but it seems it’s ready to open its doors again, even though the owner of the venue hoped to open the theater as early as January.

Let the Right One In, an adaptation of the novel and the Swedish horror film, is scheduled for March 26.

The play was previously performed at the London’s Royal Court Theatre at the end of last year, and now is booked for Apollo Theatre.

An investigation of the incident is ongoing by Westminster City Council. Nica Burns, the chief executive of Nimax Theatres, told The Telegraph, “If there was a simple answer we would know it by now. The fact that we don’t know, points to a complex set of circumstances. Our solution to reopen the theatre enables performances to take place safely whilst this important investigation continues.”

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