Lauren Goodger Admits She Is ‘’Hungover All The Time’’



Celebrity Big Brother star Lauren Goodger has confessed that she’s “hungover all the time” in the BB house.

Although she’s still on the show, the former TOWIE star has been allowed to continue writing her column for new! Magazine in which she has revealed that she’s been drinking quite a lot on the show.

I’m hungover all the time, but I’m getting used to it.

I drive Big Brother mad. I’m like ‘More alcohol, now!’ I know it’s a TV show and we can’t be seen to get paralytic every night but once we’ve got a taste for it we don’t know when to stop.

In addition to her latest confession, Lauren has also revealed more than she wanted during Monday evening’s episode while hanging in the swimming pool after one drink too many.

Since Ricci Guarnaccio didn’t like the way she behaved in the pool, James Jordan warned him that Lauren might not actually fancy him.

No matter how drunk my wife got, she would never behave like that,

he told Ricci.

 I don’t want you to get hurt mate.  The only time she’s all over you is when she’s had a drink.

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