Lars Ulrich Scared How Easy It Is To Illegally Download Music



One of the most famous thrash metal musicians Lars Ulrich admitted illegally downloading his own songs. Well, is it theft when you steal from yourself?

Let’s not get all philosophical here; Lars downloaded the songs just to examine how music piracy works.
Long time ago, in 2000, Metallica raised a number of controversies when they sued Napster for hosting their music without permission. It was probably the most famous legal case in the history of music.

What’s more, since the judgement, they became candid fighters against illegal downloads.
Just the other day, Metallica’s drummer Ulrich confessed downloading his music via torrents just to investigate how easily someone can access their music.
“When 2008 album, Death Magnetic, leaked 10 days early, one of the HQ guys was over at my house, drinking wine, and we played around with bit torrent and downloaded our own songs, which we figured we were somewhat entitled to do. The scariest part was how easy it was,” said Ulrich in an interview with fans on, after being asked whether he has ever downloaded songs illegally.
Come on Ulrich, were you born yesterday?

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