Klaxons Say They Didn’t Use Drugs



British rockers Klaxons have dismissed the rumors saying they were using drugs during the making of their new album titled Love Frequency.

Their new record features a picture of a small pill, seemingly, with the band’s “K” logo. This provoked the speculation they indulged in illegal substances while they were making the album.

James Righton, their singer who is married to Hollywood star Keira Knightley, advocates the record has nothing to do with drugs, despite the psychedelic sound.

He told NME,

“There were no drugs involved in the making of this record… It’s not a pill (in the cover art). It’s plastic. It’s a piece we commission (DJ/artist) Trevor Jackson to design. We asked him to design it using his impression of what the record is.”

HMV described Klaxons as “acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk”.

However, they are being referred to as New Rave. Though their sound is rock-based, they draw upon some less common influences, mostly the rave culture of the 1990s.

Despite explaining New Rave as something that “started as an in-joke and became a minor youth subculture”, this genre has been generally derided by critics, leading the band to advocate they’re not representative of the scene, contradicting their stand earlier in their career.

Klaxons performed with Rihanna on her song “Umbrella” which had “Golden Skans” mixed into the background during the Brit Awards 2008.

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