Kerry Katona Talks About Horror Birth Experience



British singer Kerry Katona has opened up about the trauma she experienced at giving birth to her fifth child. Both the mother and the baby were left fighting for their lives.

The star welcomed a daughter, Dylan, earlier in April 2014. She has now opened up about the traumatic experience and how her world fell apart within minutes of her baby’s first breath.

Her baby has been rushed into intensive care after her heart stopped. Katona had to undergo a surgery, an emergency operation to remove her placenta.

She told Britain’s OK! Magazine,

“Ten minutes after giving birth she was on my chest and she collapsed. She stopped beating and her heart stopped.”

“I was losing loads and loads of blood because the placenta didn’t come out and it burst inside me. I was in shock… They manually took out the placenta… I was just screaming and lying on the operating table with all these lights above me… You bargain with God: ‘Please let her survive and take me.’ I thought, this is it, we’re both going to die.”

By the next day, baby Dylan was feeling better. Katona said,

“The next day she was in complete recovery… If it wasn’t for those doctors and nurses, God knows what would’ve happened. Some staff were staying after their shifts ended to make sure everything was okay.”

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