Kelly Brook Is Married?



British actress and model Kelly Brook has fuelled rumours suggesting she is married, after she incidentally mentioned her “husband” in a cryptic online post.

She also dropped many hints about her relationship status in numerous messages posted on on Friday, May 30.

In her posts, which were posted while she was on board a Eurostar train somewhere between London and Europe, she said her partner David McIntosh was her ‘husband’ and she also mentioned ‘wedding celebrations’.

She wrote, “Look how happy my husband looks… #Eurostar #France #WeddingCelebrations.

She tagged two of her friends, who will marry on Saturday, May 31, in her messages, suggesting she and McIntosh are travelling to celebrate their friends’ happy day. However; she didn’t say why she called her partner and fiancé ‘husband’.

She also posted some pictures of them smiling and hugging while on the road, and enjoying a lunch of pastries, chocolate, beer and cheese.

In March, the model revealed that she had got engaged to David by posting a picture of the two with a balloon bearing the word “engaged” on it, only five months into their relationship.

The pair has had an on-off relationship since they met on New Year’s Eve, with Kelly calling things off earlier this year stating that the former marine was with her for the fame.

At the time a source said, “Kelly thinks David has been using her. She felt hurt and humiliated when she realised he was more interested in fame than he was in her.

He was desperate to be in the papers and she kicked him out as soon as she realised he was alerting the photographers to their whereabouts.

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