Katy Perry Gives Up Alcohol



Katy Perry seems fully dedicated to her upcoming tour since she quit drinking in order to be in top shape. Finally a celebrity who thinks ahead for more than two days.

Katy realized her current lifestyle might not be that suitable for a huge world tour she’s planning in May, including Britain, Australia and the US so she decided to make some changes in her life. We must admit we’re glad she decided to get in shape after too many singers have paid the high price of having a hectic celebrity lifestyle.

Perry told Australian TV show Sunrise, “I have to be very focused right now… I’ve cut out all alcohol and all fatty foods, a lot of dairies (sic), I go home and I’m gonna have mostly vegetarian with some protein on the side like some grilled chicken.”

“I’m almost 30 guys, my body does not snap back any more. I can’t go around eating McDonald’s like I used to,” Perry added.

She also mentioned in a recent interview, “I’m in the middle of all the different plans and costumes and there are so many fun parts of the show. There’s about five or six sections and one of my favourite sections is the … ‘Cat-ture’ section … you know me, queen of cats … it’s so fun, visual, and vibrant.”

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