Katy Perry Embarrasses Herself During An Interview



Just a few days after Katy Perry announced giving up alcohol, we’re not sure whether she’s started with other drugs, but she definitely made a show to remember yesterday on an Australian forecast program. Namely, the pop superstar made Australian TV presenters laugh their butts off after mispronouncing the names of several of the country’s most famous cities.

During her appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise show, Katy was asked to read out the forecast, but none of the presenters expected she’ll mess it up big time. The singer had troubles with the names of several Australia’s most famous destinations.

The presenters were giggling from the very beginning but they simply burst into laughter after Katy announced weather for “Curnaberra” instead of Canberra. Fortunately, the presenters stopped her from announcing “Hogwarts” instead of Hobart.

Noticing that it was only going to be 23 degrees in Melbourne, Katy remarked, “23? That’s really cold, ya’ll!”

“If you didn’t understand all this then you have an app on your phone to find out the weather,” Katy said at the end of her forecast blunder.

Well Travolta, it seems you’re not alone.

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