Kathleen Turner Returns To West End For Her 60th Birthday



For the first time in eight years, famous actress Kathleen Turner is going back to London’s West End. The star of Body Heat is about to make her first appearance on the London stage since Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 2006.

Kathleen signed up to Stephen Sachs’ comedy-drama Bakersfield Mist.

In Bakersfield Mist, she will play the role of Maude Gutman, a retired bartender who pays £3 for an old abstract painting, which turns out to possibly be a Jackson Pollock worth millions.

Also, the Romancing The Stone star will celebrate her 60th birthday in the capital, and she believes her British fellow colleagues will help her mark the occasion.

“I will happily be 60 in London. I hope I’m able to celebrate, because people in London can be a little standoffish. Nobody ever wants to bother anybody and that can sometimes make life lonely when you are away from home,” expressed Kathleen to The Daily Mail.

She also added, “Some women my age want to look like they’re still 30, but I prefer to look like me. I look at how I looked then and think ‘Wow!’, but really, it’s good to look like you’ve lived some life.”

The premiere of her play, Bakersfield Mist, is scheduled for 10th May at the Duchess Theatre, while the star will turn 60 on 19th June.

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