Journalist Criticized Over L’Wren Scott Article



Columnist Jan Moir outraged dozens of readers on Friday, by writing an article suggesting the only reason L’Wren Scott was famous was for her romance with Mick Jagger. The controversial journalist wrote on, “Millions of people, including the vast majority of the UK population at the very least, had absolutely no idea who L’Wren Scott was.”

The columnist referred to Jagger as a “rather seedy man”, while she insisted Scott was unknown “outside a pampered enclave of self-important fashion luvvies”, adding, “The only reason people have heard of her now, in death if not in life, is the fact that Scott’s boyfriend happened to be Sir Mick Jagger.”

However, shortly after the journalist has been subjected to a barrage of online abuse. The readers insisted the piece was “tasteless”, “vindictive”, “absolutely disgusting”, “disgraceful”, “poisonous” and “wretched and unprofessional”, while one of the readers noted, “What a crass and disrespectful piece of reporting. She hasn’t even been buried yet.”

However, this isn’t the first time Moir screwed up. In 2009 she issued an apology to the family of late star Stephen Gateley, after writing an article suggesting there was “nothing natural” about his death.

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