James McAvoy’s Rise To Fame



James McAvoy is a Scottish actor, famous for his roles in several Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows. But James wasn’t always so famous. He had a long road from The Near Room in 1995 to his recent raving roles.

Here are 7 movies that have built a reputation for this Scottish actor.

The Near Room

The Near Room was James’ first bigger appearance on the silver screen. Even though the movie received negative reviews, McAvoy’s role was noticed. This thriller was the beginning of his career, and many commented that the only good parts of the movie were those with James in them.

State of Play

James’ next bigger role was in the thriller TV mini-series State of Play set in London. McAvoy got a role as Dan Foster and played him through six full episodes. After this mini-series, James started getting ever more notable roles so we can tell it was a turning point for the young actor.


A teenage TV series that follows a group of siblings who’re not really loved by their parents gave James 13 episodes to play as Steve McBride, a young middle-class guy. At this point, James was relatively popular and was just waiting for his chance to go really big. And he got that chance soon enough.

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