Hugh Grant Says He Can’t Stop Having Children



Hugh Grant says he can’t exclude having more children, even though he is already a father of four and well into his fifties. The celebrity actor opened up about his family and much more on The Late Late Show with James Corden, reports the Daily Mail.

Grant was positively charming on the show, talking about how “he just can’t stop” having children and even mentioned an emotional breakdown he had back in 2007. He also shared a charming story about how when one of his children saw a ghost in the house where his family once lived, Grant summoned a ghostbuster, against all his good judgement. When that didn’t work, and his boy kept seeing an unknown child in the corner, Grant simply decided to move out and not play with his son’s sanity.

Grant talked to Corden about a complete meltdown he suffered after coming back from the Maldives nine years ago. Apparently, he was excruciatingly bored on his holiday, so he spent a lot of time getting massages, which provoked some kind of an emotional breakdown. According to him, he just randomly burst into tears, which that lasted for three weeks, until he sought the help of psychiatrists. He’s alright now and still actively thinking about expanding his family.

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