Honorary Dragon Award Goes To British Actor Ralph Fiennes



British actor and noted Shakespeare interpreter, Ralph Fiennes will be honoured with an Honorary Dragon Award at Sweden’s Goteborg International Film Festival.

Star of the Schindler’s List is set to receive the lifetime achievement award at the end of January.

The festival’s spokesperson said, “Fiennes has belonged to the chosen band of actors whose mien grants a mysterious aura to films in all genres. His acting is characterized by gravity, vigour and extraordinary presence.”

Some of the past receivers of the award were Michael Winterbottom, Mararethe von Trotta and Charlie Kaufman.

Two-time Oscar nominee built his reputation through a diverse range of movie genres; from his iconic act as Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise to the love drama The English Patient, he’s also appeared in the newest James Bond sequel Skyfall. Nonetheless, his most famous and best performance is still as Amon Goeth in the critically acclaimed Schindler’s List.

The festival is scheduled to start on January 24 until February 3.

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