Holby City Under Fire From Critics For Controversial Line



A scene in hit show Holby City where a devoted One Direction fan threatens to decapitate Perrie Edwards, found itself under fire from critics. BBC bosses are also constantly confronted with objections about the scene.

The episode of the top medical drama that was aired on Tuesday on UK TV featured an actress portraying an obsessed fan of One Direction, who tells a nurse character that she wants to “cut off” Edward’s head in order to marry her real-life fiancé Zayn Malik.

Alexa Davies’ character, Kayleigh, said in the episode: “I’ve got it all worked out, all I have to do is track down Perrie Edwards, cut off her head with a rusty chainsaw, marry Zayn and have all his babies.”

The shocking footage brought BBC more than 30 official complaints and sparked rage amongst the audience.

Even Edward’s mother found herself in shock, writing on her Twitter page, “Anyone watching Holby city??? Really upset.com.”

A BBC spokesperson tried to justify the producer’s decision by saying, “The line referencing Perrie Edwards was made to emphasize the character’s devotion to One Direction. It was absolutely not intended to be taken seriously and clearly in the context is not intended to cause offence.”

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