German Chef Sues Gordon Ramsay For Injuries Sustained At His Restaurant



Famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is faced with a rather unusual lawsuit from a guest who stated that he’s unable to taste food anymore after having a meal at Gordon’s NYC restaurant.

German chef Markus Barthel went to the Brit’s restaurant at the London hotel in March last year, but he argued that he got an unexpected ingredient in his meal.

Namely, Barthel confirmed in his lawsuit filed today that he ate a piece of ceramic that was hidden in his hamburger which caused him “serious, severe and permanent injuries in his mouth, including… deep cuts in his tongue.”

The lawsuit also stated that the German chef had to have surgery. Even though the damage is partially repaired, Barthel’s “unable to perform the duties of a chef any longer.”

Florian Bruno, Barthel’s attorney, told the New York Daily News that Barthel was unable to work for several weeks due to the injury. He added, “A chef needs his tongue like a pianist needs his fingers. They have to taste everything and he says there continues to be a loss of taste in his tongue… The doctor said tongues are difficult to heal because people have to eat and they keep reinjuring themselves.”

Markus Barthel’s suing for unspecified damages, and also for remedy for his agony and distress.

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