Game of Thrones Kit Harrington in Panic after Stolen Phone



The star of currently the most popular series in the world, Kit Harrington is worried about his lost phone.

The star reported that he had lost his phone in a London pub, and is now worried that his personal information may end up online. Whoever has found his phone, may decide to publish on the internet whatever Harrington doesn’t want to go viral. Since Game of Thrones is reaching its peak in popularity, the lucky finder could release a lot of personal details which may reveal more stories of Harrington.

The star of the epic fantasy series was sitting in the bar, being relaxed, when he realized somebody stole his phone of the table he was sitting at. At the time he was promoting his new movie Pompeii which came out this year. He is now afraid his stuff might get out in the public, saying “It was nicked from a table of a pub I was in over in Battersea, London”

“When you end up seeing all my personal photos on the Internet, you’ll know why. It also had all my contacts’ details in there too, so there’s a lot at stake.”

The young British actor plays the role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He was given the role of the bastard son of Eddard Stark, by a mother whose identity is undisclosed. In the series, Snow joins the Night’s Watch when he gets older. One of his character’s benchmarks is the company of albino wolf called Ghost.

The star is currently filming Testament of Youth (2015), Spooks: The Greater Good (2014), and Seventh Son (2015).

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