Francis Rossi Considers The Voice Biggest Mistake Ever



TV singing contest The Voice has received probably the worst critique so far. Singer of cult rock band Status Quo, Francis Rossi, called the show “the biggest mistake” in history of the music industry.

The singer claimed The Voice isn’t preparing ambitious stars for a music career since it’s not providing them with a realistic image of the music industry. Additionally, he states that it’s not fair to assess future stars based only on their singing talents.

Francis accused producers of exploiting youngsters who are hungry for fame adding that it’s not reasonable to hold up a recording contract as the top prize. He also stated that the format of the show is essentially wrong since a row of star judges are judging without looking at candidates, which doesn’t make any sense.

The veteran rocker told The Daily Express, “The Voice! What’s that? The biggest mistake ever made. ‘We’re going in showbusiness and we don’t want to look at you, we just want to know how you sing?’ That’s rubbish… They get voted for, they’re liked, they win, they do the tour and it’s all sold out and then they’re just competition for people like me. That must hurt so bad. I understand it but something morally in me thinks we can’t keep doing this.”

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