Felicity Jones Confirms Breaking Up With Long-Term Boyfriend



Actress Felicity Jones has confirmed that her relationship with long-term boyfriend Ed Fornieles has ended.

The star of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 met the artist during her studies at Oxford University, and she was in a relationship with him since her early 20s.

Even though she refused to provide any additional details, it’s confirmed that the couple has split up.

Jones told Britain’s You magazine, “It’s over. We broke up last year. It’s so unusual that it’s over. It’s tough when your relationship ends. I’m taking it day by day; so much of your identity is a part of the other person. I’m still processing it.”

However, she later added that she’s enjoying being single, saying, “All of my friends seem to be single and in their 30s. I think we’re lucky – this is the best time to be a young female. I definitely want a family sometime – if it’s the right person and the right situation – but at the moment I’m enjoying my freedom.”

In recent months, Jones spent most of her time in Los Angeles focusing on her Hollywood career.

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