Ellie Goulding Confuses Her Fans With A “Just Married” Photo



It seems Ellie Goulding’s online joke didn’t go as expected as the British singer has been forced to discard rumours about her secret weekend-marriage.

However, the rumour was actually started by her after she posted a picture, posing in a white dress with a man in a suit on her Instagram page. The picture was titled “Just married”, which made her fans pretty confused.

Not predicting the scope of her joke, she was forced to go to the website and explain her comments. She also added, “Obviously, I’m not in fact married.”

It seems nobody found Ellie’s sudden marriage with a random guy the least bit funny.

Reports stated that the pop star took the picture on a high-class, fancy-dress party, which actually makes perfect sense.

Ellie’s track “Burn” became her first number one single in UK, and she admitted that she still doesn’t know how to cope with all the attention.

Earlier this month, Ellie said, “It’s been such an amazing last six months, everything’s just really good and exciting and fun but it’s back to work now because I’ve been chilled out for the past three weeks and now it’s like cameras… It’s quite scary. You can never really get used to this craziness really.”

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