Ed Sheeran Tells of Hollywood Lover but Refuses to Tell Who




Ed Sheeran, the popular British singer, implied in one song that he slept with a Hollywood star. This young and lovable ginger did not reveal who the mysterious girl was, as he told us he believed in the saying “You don’t kiss and tell.” He did however, assure his fans he shared a bed with some Hollywood actress, but it will remain a mystery if he doesn’t reveal it eventually.

The “Gentlemen never tells” phrase works only when it comes to Hollywood stars, since this A Team hitmaker didn’t spare his several ex-girlfriends of being mentioned in his new album X. The 23-year-old singer and songwriter is known to reveal his feelings in his songs, especially his love experiences. Namely, the song called Take it Back has a line that goes:

“Sleeping with a movie star and adding to the population”.

The media had to react and they put the young pop star under pressure to reveal this sexual encounter to the press. He only admitted that the romance was based on the real-life event. Now, assuming a role of the proper gentleman he refused to give in and let everybody know whom he seduced during his US stay.

Sheeran confessed to Q magazine,

“I’m British so I have to be a gentleman in these situations and not say any names. But you know what? I spent a year in America and did what any young lad would, which is experience Hollywood life. I think that’s the best way to put it…”

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