Dominic West Ran Semi-Naked Around London Looking For Children



British actor Dominic West, besides recently had some parenting troubles. Namely, West was forced to cancel a TV interview earlier this month since his two young sons sneaked out from their house and went wandering around London.

The star of the popular TV series The Wire had to abandon everything related to work when he found out his two sons (aged four and five) went missing. They apparently sneaked out of the house in the early morning.

The actor admitted that he went running half-naked at the crack of dawn after he heard the front door close as the boys left. He frantically wandered around Shepard’s Bush looking for them.
He told The Times, “We were lying in bed, about 6am and we heard the front door close. My boys, they are four and five, had for some reason gone on a mission, they were armed to the teeth with swords. So I was on the street in my underpants trying to get them back.”

Fortunately, the boys were returned home unharmed, and West states his sons are simply courageous types, adding, “It’s going to be a good 10 years of this, I’d say, with those guys.”

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