David Beckham’s Soccer Club In Miami Threat To Economy?



A syndicate of businessmen is now launching a campaign against David Beckham’s plans to start a U.S. soccer club. Allegedly, his projects poses a threat to local economy.

David plans to team up with American Idol boss Simon Fuller to start Major League Soccer, MLS) team in Miami, Florida. Reports, however, suggest there is a growing opposition to his idea.

Some shipping companies and a car dealer are placing newspaper ads badmouthing his project and urging others to help them stop the initiative.

His opponents say this project will hit high-earners and drive wages down.

Advertisement placed in both the Miami Herald and Spanish-language publication El Nuevo Herald says, “We cannot jeopardise well-paying jobs, like crane operators, longshore workers, and mechanics, for low-paying stadium jobs, such as concession sales.”

Neisen Kasdin, attorney and adviser to Beckham’s team, told Reuters, “The plan doesn’t interfere with port operations. It will likely generate more revenue for the port in the shorter term than other concepts that have been discussed.”

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is trying to back David’s plan and lessen the fear of his project. He said, “This is one of four sites under consideration, there’s nothing concrete, there’s no recommendation pending.”

David Beckham retired from soccer in 2013, after his vast 20 years in the sport.

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