Dave Lee Travis Found Not Guilty On 12 Sex Charges



Can you imagine a better start to a day than being cleared of 12 sex attack charges from the past? Well, we sincerely hope none of you have ever been accused of that, but we can’t say the same for veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis.

Namely, the 68-year old DJ found himself before the court accused of groping a number of women between 1976 and 2008. His youngest alleged victim was 17. However, the court found him not guilty on all 12 charges against him.

But, it’s still not the end for his legal issues. Travis’ facing the possibility of being trialled again, since the jury didn’t reach a verdict on two further claims – an indecent assault and a sexual assault.

Apparently, Travis attracted young women with his fame, and molested them afterwards. He was charged for groping a teenager during the presentation of a music chart show in the 70s, and assaulted a 17-year old girl during a BBC Radio One show.

Even though Lee Travis admitted his passion for physical contact, he found the sex abuse allegations “completely insane”. He told the court that he’s aware it would be career suicide.
The DJ is yet to be informed whether he will be forced to a retrial for the remaining charges.

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