Damian Lewis Can’t Get Rid Of His American Accent



British actor Damian Lewis revealed that he has problems with dropping his American accent when he’s not acting on the TV drama Homeland.

Well, we must admit his accent is pretty perfect.

When he was preparing for the TV mini-series Band of Brothers, he was studying so hard that he now confesses the accent comes “a little too easy” to him.

“I had to concentrate a lot during Band of Brothers for about nine months… and now I wake up on a Saturday morning and I go to the grocery store and I talk in an American accent.”

“If I meet Americans through the day at a weekend, I’ll stay in an American accent all weekend. It’s really weird. I can’t shake it,” Damian explained.

When asked last year if it was hard to keep using the American accent, Damian said, “I wake up in an American accent, and I don’t lose it until someone says ‘wrap!’”

“It’s easy for me. I’ve played Americans so often since Band of Brothers. I hope you don’t think that’s presumptuous, but I have an American skin. My accent is standard received pronunciation.”

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