Corbett Mad Over Retirement Rumours



Veteran British funnyman Ronnie Corbett is still holding a grudge over false reports suggesting he had retired from show business.

The 83-year old comedian has been making us laugh for more than 60 years during his fertile career, but was at the centre of retirement rumours in March 2014, when a British tabloid reported he’s retiring.

Editors reported Corbett’s wife has actually reported the star had retired from TV work. They also stated the reason was his poor health, but only within hours she had spoken out to insist he still has many ongoing TV projects, and that his career is “not over.”

Corbett claims the editors have gave him crates of alcohol to make up for the lies they wrote and also made donations to several nursing homes, but he’s still very furious about the whole story.

He explained the situation to U.K. host Graham Norton,

“It was absolute nonsense. It was very annoying. I got a major apology but not matching the size of the error. It was irresponsible. They sent me some booze and plenty of money which I’m dividing among a number of care homes.”

Ronnie is a Scottish actor and comedian who had worked with Ronnie Barker in the television comedy series The Two Ronnies.

He achieved prominence in Sir David Frost‘s 1960s, satirical comedy programme The Frost Report and starred in the famous sitcoms Sorry! and NoThat’s Me Over Here!

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