Comedian Eddie Izzard Doing Stand-Up In 4 Languages



Famous comedian Eddie Izzard is going global. And we don’t mean globally English, but the comedian is translating his stand-up show in three more languages – Russian, Chinese and Arabic, and possibly Spanish.

This is not the first time Eddie’s trying foreign language performances. Back in 2011, he performed a whole show in French, and at the moment he’s expanding his language skills by learning German and performing a similar feat in Berlin.

The funny man told The Independent newspaper, “All great science starts with a theory. I predicted I could make them laugh in French and in German, and I proved myself right. They dug it in France and they dig it here (in Germany), unless they’re all lying to me. Now I predict I can make them laugh in Spanish and Russian and Arabic and then, maybe once I’m into old age, in Chinese.”

“It’s all about self-confidence,” he added, “In my show I say I’m on the fifth floor, cooking something, and I need to get the steam up to the 10th floor. I need to cook my German up.”

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