Clive Owen Admits He Was Never Offered Bond Role



After long-running rumours suggesting actor Clive Owen was about to replace Daniel Craig took over the internet, the British actor rejected any such allegations. He added producers have never offered him the job at all.


Clive was the top choice to replace Pierce Brosnan portraying James Bond, but Daniel Craig got the role instead. The rumours suggested that Owen failed to make a deal with the bosses.


However, many years later, Clive admitted that he had actually never been given a chance to appear as 007. He told The Times newspaper, “I was never party to any of it.” adding, “I wear a tuxedo in (film) Croupier and that might have had something to do with it. There was a lot of talk, but it didn’t come from me.”

At the moment, Clive’s working on The Last Knights and King of the Castle, both scheduled to hit cinemas later in 2014.

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