Cliff Richard Asks ‘Would It Matter If I Was Gay?’



Veteran British singer Sir Cliff Richard has responded to long-time controversy related to his sexuality. He insists his romantic business is irrelevant.

The singer, who is still not married, has been in the centre of sexual controversy for decades, but he had repeatedly avoided answering the question.

He never confirmed or denied if he is gay.

When the 73-year old singer was asked about it in an interview on an Australian TV show A Current Affair, he insisted he had been struggling with the rumours while he was younger, but he doesn’t care now.

He said,

“It did (bother me) when I was young. It hurt my family a lot of course. But who cares?… It doesn’t really matter to me any more. I have got gay friends. If I was gay would it make any difference? Would you not come to my concerts if I was gay? I hope not.”

The then-67-year-old singer has spoken in 2008, for the first time about his close relationship with a former Roman Catholic priest. He then called on the Church of England to approve same-sex marriages.

Sir Cliff described how he struck up an (intimate) friendship with a former American missionary, Fr John McElynn, after meeting him in New York.

The singer revealed that he hired Fr McElynn to look after his charity projects and houses, after it became clear the American would give up the priesthood. The pair lived together at the time.

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