Chris Tarrant Suffered A Stroke On Flight From Thailand



Chris Tarrant, the presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, had a near-death experience on a flight earlier this month. Chris suffered a “mini-stroke” and eventually ended up having surgery for the potential of being exposed to the risk of a fatal blood clot.

The British TV host had a stroke on a flight back to the UK from Thailand, after being hospitalized on 1 March.

Chris’ agent revealed the heart attack was much more serious than the public believed. It was believed he had suffered from a nasty asthma shock, but nothing too serious.

Doctors performed emergency surgery on the 67-year old host after they found a blood clot in his leg. Chris remained under the supervision of doctors at a hospital in London after the clot was removed with the possibility of it travelling to his brain or lungs.

Paul Vaughan, Chris’ agent, said, “They found a clot which they managed to break up. It was a clot in the leg and that can immediately go to the brain or lungs. He is determined to leave hospital. But he’s not going back to work. This is a nasty wake-up call.”

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