Calvin Harris Still Recovering From Car Accident



Many fans held their breath in fear when the news of Calvin Harris having an accident broke out. Last weekend, while on his tour, the Scottish celebrity DJ suffered a serious car accident when his SUV collided with a Beetle, after which both Harris and the driver of the other car were hospitalized.

Harris only sustained minor injuries, including a big cut on his nose, but everything else seems to be in order.

The crash caused more of a psychological trauma, it would seem, because the DJ was obviously in a state of shock after the accident, so a couple of his performances had to be cancelled in Las Vegas, one in Hakkasan yesterday and one today in nightclub Omnia. The celebrity apologized to his fans for the disappointment and stated that he hopes to be back on his feet and performing in no time.

Harris’ girlfriend Taylor Swift, who was very upset after learning about the accident, is now helping him get back on stage and continue his tour, which is mostly sold out.

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