Brand, Pegg And Coogan Join Cancer Campaign



Celebrities Russell Brand, Simon Pegg and Steve Coogan, are the latest stars to join and support a social media campaign to raise funds for a cancer charity.

In honour of Stephen Sutton, a British teenager who’s suffering from incurable cancer, the stars have shown their support behind the # ThumbsUpForStephen social media fundraiser.

Stephen also drew up a bucket list which includes a sum of $1.6 million (£1 million) for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

His touching story was in the centre of attention earlier in April following his message on

Many celebs have backed up the 19-year old’s efforts by posting pictures of themselves with a paper which urges other to donate via text messages.

His financial goal was reached on Tuesday, April 22 when the campaign surpassed its initial goal, and hit $2.7 million (£1.7 million) when WENN went to press.

Stephen Sutton has been suffering from colorectal cancer since he was 15.

Stephen’s collapsed lung on Sunday, April 20 urged a full emergency team to keep him alive. He says he is unexpectedly showing signs of improvement.

According to his doctors, they had expected him to just deteriorate from that point. However, Stephen has defied doctors.

He said, “My recovery has been positive and quite unexpected. “
Adding, “One doctor while seeing me even said how my medical notes and how I was actually doing didn’t quite seem to match up.”

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