Boy George’s Buddhist Chanting Disturbed Hotel Guests


at the Playstation 2 E3 party, American Legion Hall, Hollywood, 05-15-01

Pop star Boy George came into conflict with a guest at a New York hotel after the guest complained about his Buddhist chanting. Ironically, the religion that promotes inner peace didn’t really keep George peaceful in the conflict.

George first became interested in the Eastern religion in the 80s, and the Culture Club singer returned to Buddhism two years ago.

Practicing Buddhism includes chanting which George said helped him to straighten his life. In the past, Boy had a huge struggle with drug addiction.

However, a guest at his hotel didn’t actually share his viewpoints, and wasn’t really happy to hear him chanting, so he complained about the noise coming from the singer’s room.

Boy George wrote on his Twitter account, “I just got told off for chanting too loud in my hotel room! Ha! Oops!…I think the person who moaned has just had breakfast delivered! I might ring and say ‘Keep it down! I can smell bacon!’ Lol!”

How loudly did he chant??

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