Boxer Evans Fined Over Assault At Lap-Dancing Club



Olympic boxer Fred Evans has been convicted of attacking a man during a night out.

The silver medalist was arrested on February 23 after a dispute at a lap-dancing club in Birmingham, England.

At Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, April 17 he admitted the assault and was ordered to pay $400 (£250) costs, a $68 (£43) victim surcharge and $800 (£500) in compensation to the victim.

His co-accused friend Danny Butler found himself behind bars for 10 weeks for taking part in the attack.

Sam Robinson, around 20-years old, was hit in the head and knocked to the floor during the fight, only moments after arguing with Butler about the MTV show, which is set in Wales.

In a statement read to the court, Mr. Robinson, who requires dental surgery which cost about £3,000, said he felt his attackers had “behaved like animals.”

He had gone to the Legs 11 club from the Peterborough area and talked to two men who he discovered were from Wales, prosecutor Jim Mason said.

Mr. Mason told before the court, “As he spoke to the two men he noticed that one of the two seemed to get somewhat upset following a discussion about The Valleys television show.”

“To prevent the matter escalating, he decided to leave the scene and went to the toilet.”

Welterweight Evans, a 23-year old, made his name at the London 2012 Olympic games after winning first medal to his native Wales since 1972.

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