Billie Piper Vows Not To Revive Pop Career



British actress Billie Piper vowed to never revive her pop beginnings after she experienced “frightening flashback” to her days as a child star.

The star launched her showbiz career as a singer at age 15, which made her the youngest artist ever to debut at the top of the U.K. singles chart with her first release, Because We Want To.

In 2003 she turned her back to the music industry to pursue her love of acting. She has now revealed she decided to never try to enter that arena again, after watching U.K. reality TV show The Big Reunion, which charts musical comebacks.

She told British magazine Seven Days, “I haven’t been watching The Big Reunion. I saw a bit of it and I found it was a bit of a frightening flashback. It’s all quite moody and sad, so much of it. I’d never go on it. I’d never be tempted to go back into singing. That’s it.”

With her star on the rise in the acting world, the former teen star can be seen onscreen with Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Timothy Dalton in Penny Dreadful right now.

The hit series is inspired by the cheap fiction of the 19th century. It includes characters such as Dorian Gray, from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Victor Frankenstein and his monster from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Billie portrays Brona Croft, a poor Irish immigrant trying to escape a dark past.

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