Bennett Avoids Talking About Sexuality



British screenwriter Alan Bennett didn’t want to reveal his sexuality for most of his career. Actually, he didn’t want to be put in a “pigeonhole” by critics.

The famous writer refused to discuss his personal relationships when asked by reporters. It was in the recent years that he revealed he is in a civil partnership with Rupert Thomas.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 in celebration of his 80th birthday, he said never wanted to be branded “gay” by his colleagues or the press.

He said, “My objection to people knowing more about one’s private life was that I didn’t want to be put in a pigeonhole. I didn’t want to be labelled as gay and that was it. I wanted to be my own man.

Bennett is one of the U.K.’s beloved dramatists, and 2004’s The History Boys was recently voted the nation’s favourite play.

He was also at the centre of a media storm in 1993 when it was revealed he was having a relationship with his housekeeper Anne Davis.

I met my partner quite late in life and so the last part of my life is much happier than the first part

Once asked by actor Sir Ian McKellen at an Aids benefit whether he was heterosexual or homosexual, Bennett replied, “That’s a bit like asking a man crawling across the Sahara whether he would prefer Perrier or Malvern water.

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