Beloved Bill Oddie Is Losing His Hearing



British TV star Bill Oddie is battling hearing loss. The 72-year old comedian and talented show expert realized he was losing his hearing when he discovered he can’t hear birdsongs. He was later diagnosed with a serious impairment in both oh his ears.

“I was really fed up about it as I’ve always prided myself on having very keen ears,” said the passionate bird-watcher.

He’s now using special hearing aids and is thankful for the efforts of medical staff.

“Suddenly I can hear the birds of Britain again. I went out the other day and there was a wonderful moment as I heard a meadow pipit calling, which I hadn’t done for four or five years.”

“There’s a bit of stigma attached to saying you need hearing aids – it invokes the spirit of a walking stick or frame – that you’re on the way out.”       

“But the fact is that when you get to 50 your hearing does begin to deteriorate. It is the tragic descent that age brings.”

He told the Manchester Evening News,

“They (the hearing aids) have drastically improved my quality of life. Not only have they brought back many birdsongs I thought I’d never hear again, but they have also really helped in social situations. I’m re-discovering so many sounds. To be honest I never liked the idea of wearing aids, I thought of them as old fashioned. However, they have given me back my passion in life and returned something that I thought I’d lost.”

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