Barbara Knox Pleads Not Guilty



Famous British actress Barbara Knox, 80-year old, has pleaded not-guilty to a charge of drunk-driving.

Barbara, who has been a star of the U.K. soap opera Coronation Street for 50 years, was arrested on March 10 after arriving at Knutsford Police Station in Cheshire, England, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The star has been travelling as a passenger in a car with her daughter, Maxine Ashcroft, when their vehicle was pulled over by police.

Maxine was also given a breath test and she was arrested on suspicion of drunk-driving.

On Thursday, March 24, Knox appeared at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court in England, and denied the charge. She was released on bail until the trial, which is set for July 23, 2014.

Prosecutor Simon Pover said, “Police officers initially dealt with an incident where the driver of the Jaguar was found to be over the limit and was dealt with.”

“A passenger in the car, Mrs Knox, was assisted at the roadside by police officers who were concerned to leave her alone. They drove her home to an address in Knutsford.”

“About an hour later Mrs Knox attended Knutsford Police Station and appeared to still be intoxicated.

Police officers were concerned about how she arrived at the police station and gave her advice about how she should return home, and offered to give her a lift home but she declined.”

He continues, “She was then seen to get into and drive a Jaguar motor car a short distance – police stopped the motor car and spoke to Mrs Knox.

There was a positive breath test. She was arrested and taken into custody at Middlewich. A sample of blood was taken.”

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