Allen’s Saved From Drugs And Alcohol Thanks To Husband



British singer and a mother of two, Lily Allen has praised her husband, Sam Cooper, for urging her to stop the self-destructive behaviour by giving her an ultimatum.

The two began dating in 2009, but when he asked her to choose between alcohol and drugs and their relationship, she finally realized she needs to seek help.

She told Britain’s The Sun,

“Sam saved me for sure. I was self-medicating with alcohol and whatever else and Sam was obviously attracted to me when I was like that. He could see that I was being quite self-destructive and at one point he said, ‘What are you doing? I would really like to be with you, but I can’t be with you if you are going to be like this all the time.’”

“I remember thinking, ‘OK, well you promised to take me on and stick around, then yeah, I’ll cut back’.”

“It wasn’t that dark for me, it was just like either I carry on doing this and leave it until it starts to become a problem or nip it in the bud now and concentrate on a different area of my life.”

She added, “I believe you’re avoiding something when you’re drinking or taking drugs or whatever. You are basically just avoiding the truth. And so Sam introduced me to myself. The real me.”

The couple wed in 2011, and the two are now parents to two daughters, two-year-old Ethel and 15-month-old Marnie.

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