Ex-model Alicia Douvall attempted suicide over the Christmas 2013 holydays by taking vodka and pills while in a hotel room she was staying in with her younger daughter.

The British star, who used to date music mogul Simon Cowell, has admitted she attempted to end her life in December, while she was in the company of her two-year old daughter, Papaya.

She also said she wrote a suicide note to her elder daughter, 18-year old Georgia. She scattered food and water around the room so Papaya wouldn’t go hungry.

The 34-year old star told Britain’s Sunday mirror newspaper, “I just kept thinking, ‘If I am dead, my children will have a better future.’ I felt overwhelmed… I could not see a way out…

I went to (supermarket) Tesco Express and bought the cheapest bottle of vodka I could find… I had this box full of tablets. I sat in my hotel room – I didn’t call anyone – and I started taking them, washing them down with the drink.

“Papaya was too young to know what was happening… I had left water and food around the room because I was aware that she may not be found for a while if I died.”

Douvall passed out, but when she woke up she changed her mind about the suicide, as she was vomiting up the pills. Eventually, she went on seeking for help.

She said her troubles were mostly financial and a consequence of previous failed relationship.

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