Airplane Drama For Cliff Parisi



British actor Cliff Parisi has experienced an airplane drama on Thursday, May 15 when his plane was forced to make an emergency landing.
The star was flying from the U.K. to France when his light aircraft experienced some technical problems, urging the pilot to land at a small airfield in Kent, south England.

The drama occurred on Manston Airport’s last day of operation, as it was previously decided to close down the facility.

Parisi took to to support the site after landing safely.

He wrote, “Just had an emergency landing at Manston air field thank God they are open today tomorrowthey are closed for ever #savemanston.”

“I don’t even know where we are,” said the actor, who appears in BBC drama Call The Midwife.
The airport closed at 17:00 BST after its owners said no “credible or viable” offers to buy it have been made.
Two offers from US investment firm RiverOak have been rejected.
A third, higher offer presented on Thursday, only hours before the airport was shut was also rejected.
After being told where he was and that the airport was due to close, Mr. Parisi said, “We would have ended up in the drink, I think.
“So thank you for being open.”
In a last-minute plea, the Unite union called on Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to insist that Kent Airport Ltd, the airport’s owner, keep its Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence operational.
Ian McCoulough, a regional officer said, “The CAA licence is critical at this 11th hour. Without it, Manston Airport can’t function.”

At least it saved some lives before being shut.

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