Actress Hannah Waddingham Expecting Her First Child


The Olivier Awards

The actress Hannah Waddingham has a great reason for celebration. After struggling to conceive, Hannah’s finally expecting her first child.

The star of Les Miserables was told her chances of carrying a baby were extremely low, but now it’s one of those rare occasions when you’re happy the doctors were wrong.

Hannah just turned 40 this year, and today she announced the news during an interview on UK TV, telling Lorraine Kelly, “It will be a bit of a shock for some of my friends who I’ve not managed to call yet.”

She also talked about her issues with fertility and added, “I know plenty of women go through it. The doctors kept telling me that my fertility was so low, it might not happen. I feel massively privileged and blessed. It feels more important than any other job I’ve had and it’s incredible how it just hits you suddenly. It’s taken my breath away. I’m so pleased.”

However, the pregnancy won’t stop the star from working and she plans to begin shooting a new film in March.

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