Actors Gone Wild On U.K. TV Show



Actors Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy had a bizarre performance during an interview on U.K. TV on Friday night, May 2, when they danced, sang and even punched each other.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past stars appeared on TV chat series The Graham Norton Show and spent the interview joking, singing, and treating the audience to a dance routine.

At the beginning of the interview, Hugh made a joke about Fassbender and said he needed coaxing to leave his trailer on the movie set, and then they used Blurred lines lyrics to get him in the mood to work.

Then they went on and left the show, only to return as the controversial song played while they were doing a few choreographed moves. The audience screamed and cheered during the show.

During the interview, Fassbender regularly burst into song, mostly Africa by Toto. He also showed the audience how he can make synthesizer sound with his mouth.

Michael and Hugh also burst into singing when they gave lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth the musical theatre treatment.

James’ contribution to the bizarre interview was punching Jackman in the arm, as part of demonstrating a game they played on the movie set.

He also said he hits the Wolverine character with full force and it doesn’t affect him at all, but when Jackman hits him with his hardest punch, he ends up with a large bruise on his arm.

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