Actor Rafi Gavron On 5-Year Probation After Double Arrest



Famous actor Rafi Gavron just might be the British version of Bieber ever since he crossed paths with the police several times during the last couple of weeks.

Rafi has been given five years of probation following charges from double arrest in December, last year.

Gavron was pulled over and detained by the LA police after reasonable suspicion of being intoxicated while he drove his girlfriend’s car.

Ironically, he was arrested just a couple of hours after being released from jail. He was charged on a domestic violence related to an incident that allegedly occurred before his first arrest.

Bad luck, we’d say.

After pleading no contest to the domestic violence and joy riding charges, Gavron has been placed on a five years probation period.

According to, Rafi also brutally attacked his long-time girlfriend before his double arrest last year. Additionally, he destroyed her bedroom and threatened several times to break up with her.

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