Activist And Designer Vivienne Westwood Marches Again



Fashion mogul and designer Vivienne Westwood led an anti-fracking protest on the streets of central London, on Wednesday, March 20th.

She marched with 180 protestants from her place in Battersea, south-west London into the elite Knightsbridge part of the city, in order to show their disagreement with the controversial gas-extraction methods.

Protest was organised on the same day government officials and the head of U.K. energy companies were discussing opportunities of gas drilling nationwide in Shale Gas Forum.

At the scene, designer said, “The fight against fracking is the most important battle the British people will ever fight. It is the first battle in the war against climate change, and we will win.”

This fashion icon is also known for her activism and attending anti-fracking protests before. In August 2013, she attended an anti-fracking protest at a proposed drilling site in West Sussex, England. 

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