A Roll Deep Member Vomits All Over Pixie Lott



When Pixie Lott decided to go on a night out, the British pop star probably didn’t expect to be drenched in vomit. But thanks to a member of the hip-hop group Roll Deep, she ended up as such.

During a party, the pop star was sitting next to the band when one of the members came over to her and threw up all over her outfit, after when she hysterically fled to the bathroom.

“I was at a party and Roll Deep were on a table next to me. Next thing I knew, one of the boys from the band stood up and was sick all over me. It was terrible. I had to go to the toilet, take my long socks off and throw them in the trash,” Pixie told Daily Star.

In a recent interview, when asked about her perfect evening Pixie said, “I’d start with a bowl of pasta in an Italian restaurant with all my family. Then I’d meet my best friends and go to a great party in London, drink champagne and stay in a cool hotel afterwards, where we’d all jump into the swimming pool.”

Well, we guess it wasn’t it this time.

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