A Phone App Gives You The Chance To Save Harry Styles



Computer programmers have found another way to earn a lot of money with their mobile games simply by including celebrities. That’s the case with the new mobile phone application that gives fans the chance to save Harry Styles from a deadly cliff plunge. Fans of One Direction are simply thrilled.

The game called Harry Dive features a guy who represents the popstar and “plunges from the top of a sheer bluff”. And don’t worry; they didn’t forget Harry’s trademark hairstyle.

Users have an opportunity to be heroes by saving the life of their music idol. They just need to help him avoid falling trees, missiles and rocks.

The game was launched earlier this week and achieved over 15,000 downloads within hours. Designer Jari Huomo can’t be more satisfied with the number of One Direction fans downloading it to their mobile phones.

Jari said, “I still don’t know if the popularity is a good thing. If Harry doesn’t like the app then I will pull it out of the App Store.”

We haven’t tried it, but we believe fans of One Direction are more than satisfied.

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