8 Reasons Why We Love One Direction



One Direction is undisputedly the biggest boy band in the world.

With over sixty million followers on social networking website Twitter, they’re the most successful act to come out of the X-Factor despite only coming third.


So what is so great about these guys? Here are just 8 reasons out of a billion why we love these boys so much.

1. They love their fans

So, this is both an obvious and cliché reason, but for One Direction it’s true. They regularly give back to fans by giving their precious time up whenever they get a chance.

An autograph, a personal tweet and even a quick snap as they get hounded by thousands of fans is never too much.

2. They are down to earth and super fun

The boys really know how to create a joke as much as they can take one.

Niall proposed to Katy Perry via Twitter, Louis took a giant cake to the face on stage and Harry does what he can to make us laugh in every situation.

3. Harry Styles’ hair

Or the “Flack-wooing locks of legend” as it is otherwise known, which brings us nicely to reason number 4…

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