8 Famous British Football Players



British football, otherwise known as soccer or “the beautiful game”, is one of the most popular sports in the world right now.

In-between players earning massive pay checks and dating super models, there is a whole depth to the game that invokes a unity and patriotism unlike any other sport. Let’s take a look at eight great players and what makes them so important to the history of the game.

1. Bobby Moore

Sir Bobby Moore was the captain of England in their first and only World Cup title to be won on home soil and he earned a massive 108 caps in his 11 year international career. Many avid football fans consider Bobby to be one of the best defenders England have ever had, if not THE best.

2. David Beckham

Undisputedly the most prolific footballer of the generation, David Beckham is a name that resonates across the globe for more than just his sporting prowess. He holds the second highest number of caps in English football history, with 115.

3. Wayne Rooney

Manchester United favourite Wayne Rooney debuted for the team back in 2004 and was stepping out on to the international stage at Euro 2004 almost immediately. He gained notoriety with his two-goal world cup performance against Switzerland.

4. Alan Shearer

Taking the captaincy for England for a mere 63 games only, the former Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers star scored a massive 30 goals when he played for England. Alan Shearer retired from international football back in 2000, but continued to play at club level for another six more seasons.

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