7 Top X-Factor Winners Ever! Sing it!



Simon Cowell was on to a winner when he developed the concept of the X-Factor, an amazing nine British seasons have aired and the tenth is underway as we speak.

So as the unveiling of winner number ten looms, let’s take a look at our all time favourite winners.

7. Steve Brookstein

Okay, so Steve Brookstein wasn’t great and didn’t go very far, but we had to give him the last slot on our list purely because he was talented enough to beat Tabby Callaghan in the first ever X-Factor season.

6. Matt Cardle

Sultry winner number 7 Matt Cardle, blew us away week after week on the X-Factor stage.

We are just sad that he hasn’t continued to blow us away since he won.

5. Joe McElderry

Just like so many other X-Factor stars, the angelic-voiced Mr McElderry has made the transition from pop star to stage star in one easy step.

His pop career sits at a direct opposite to his West End popularity, but as long as he’s still singing, we’re rooting for him.

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